Gaming has become a universal activity that is enjoyed by all demographics. More people than ever are gaming today which has resulted in significant growth in the gaming industry. Not only have the major gaming studios like Nintendo experienced this but indie game studios have as well.

During the 1990’s indie games were first played solely on PCs. They could be downloaded over the internet and often called shareware. These indie games were mainly created by indie game designers as a hobby without any serious goals of making a significant amount of money.


A lot of indie game studios are struggling financially, but have found creative ways to get funded.

As time went on and games developed by the major developers became blockbuster hits, the demand to create sequel games was high. Often the resource of these developers was focused on this endeavor rather than creating new games. This opened a door for indie game studios to come up with games that were outside the box. Probably the best example of this is the blockbuster hit, Minecraft. Released in 2011 by the indie studio, Mojang has grossed over $200 million.


The original Minecraft was created as a shorter project, but later on expanded due to popularity.

Indie gaming studios often lacked the bankroll that was enjoyed by the larger gaming studios. However, the development of crowd funding helped to finance many of their game development projects. Designers would seek out one of the different sites designed for this purpose to set up a funding project. Other incentives could also be obtained from government grants or private investors. For people to enjoy indie games, the internet has been important in allowing them to download these games. Additionally, the internet provided an impetus to help develop online casino which allowed the casino gaming industry to move into area of mobile gaming by enabling casino games on your mobile by accessing mobile casino site such as which helped to attract more casual players.

Gaming is a pastime that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the industry is likely to grow as new types of technology are developed such as VR gaming.