Today’s featured deal is for “Daedalus: No Escape” on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is a $2.00 minimum for this deal, BTA to get the OST. 

Ever wanted to play Unreal tournament or Quake 3 Arena from a top down 2D perspective ? Daedalus – No Escape brings you exactly that, the same feel and control as in an arena FPS but from top down, in a dark sci-fi mood inspired by Alien Breed.

In control of a space marine, walk the arena and defeat your opponents using powerful weapons. No feelings, no mercy, only your gun does the talking.

– single player, multi player
– game modes: highscore, deathmatch, last man standing, team deathmatch, capture the flag
– online leader board
– different control schemes: FPS-like, fixed camera
– 9 cool weapons
– lots of maps
– map editor
– original soundtrack
– Windows, Linux and Mac support

Grab it for as low as $2.00 on IndieGameStand