Pay What You Want for the dungeon crawler/roguelike “Ananias Roguelike, Fellowship Edition” 4 days only at IndieGameStand. Pay at least $1+ to receive a Steam key if/when greenlit, so be sure to vote! There is an special “beat the average” bonus version that includes two additional classes to play as. 

Ananias is a dungeon crawler game in which you explore ancient ruins, fight its monstrous inhabitants and try to survive to the bottom level. Once there, you’ll try to find an ancient artifact to save the world from destruction.

Every time you play the game, it will create a new dungeon full of challenges and surprises. You could find yourself in one of 5 different types of environments populated with monsters and ancient magical artifacts.

There are six (or eight if you have the bonus version) different player classes, each one designed with a unique playing style. Some of them are combat-focused while others must rely on the items found in the dungeon to survive.

Pay What You Want at IndieGameStand (Windows/Mac/Linux DRM-Free)