Say good bye to Top Contributor rewards 🙁 They were fun while they lasted but the reality is that 95% of the top rewards were supplied by IGS.  It was a lot of busy work to contact and setup each top contributor with a free shirt or subscription so we’re doing away with it in favor of a guaranteed reward for everyone that pays more than $20. 

We already have the $6 bundle tier which gives you the previous deal, current deal and next deal + all bonus content and games, but now if you spend $20 or more you’ll also get a Month Membership to IndieGameStand Elite – so you’ll continue to get even more games for the whole month for just $20!  Elite also gives you an additional 20% off games in our store so you’re getting a great deal!

Buying an Elite membership this way, DOES NOT set you up with a subscription.  It is a one time purchase and month membership that will expire at the end of 30 days.  At that point, you can buy IGS Elite again a la carte by paying $20 or more for the current deal or you can subscribe via stripe.  It’s up to you. Here’s a few more things that make tying this to the deal purchase process very cool:

1. You can now purchase Elite with Paypal and Amazon (not just Stripe)

2. You can gift a month of Elite to friends using the gifting option (and you’re not on the hook for the subscription)

3. It should help make indie developers more money 🙂

4. You can still show off your name or @twitter call sign as a top contributor in our leaderboard

5. We lose less money with transaction fees

We have more new features in the works.  If you have any other genius ideas or feedback, please let us know at