When Playstation Plus first launched I remember reading quite a few articles about the games on sale and a running total of what was saved by paying the $50 entry fee.  Exactly 1 month ago we launched Indie Elite and I thought it would be fun to recap all the games and savings that an Elite member received in the first month.

As promised for as little as $8.25/month, members get 7 or more games.  This month members received:

  • Coin Crypt ($9.99)
  • Perfection ($2.99)
  • Sling It ($0.99)
  • Ascendant ($9.99)
  • Race the Sun ($9.99) with OST
  • Attack of the Labyrinth ($5.99) with OST
  • Bloop Reloaded ($9.99)
  • Bloop ($4.99)
  • Kiai Resonance ($9.99)
  • Earthtongue ($4.00) – Greenlit in 4 days!
  • Magic Toychest ($2.99)
  • Boothill Heroes ($8.99) with Steam DLC ($0.99)

That’s 12 games worth $79.88 plus all the extra goodies and soundtracks saving you over $65 with a $14 per month Elite Membership!

The above doesn’t even take into account saving and additional 20% on all the games in our store – so let’s say you found just 1 new game this month you had to have (or an old game deal that you missed) that you bought for $10.  You just saved another $2 with our Elite Membership discount.  Take a look at our Staff Picks sale and you’re looking at major savings.

Don’t miss out on these great deals.  Our April schedule is already coming together and subscribers are looking to get some great games and deals.  Spoiler alert: You’ll get more than 7 games again!  I hope everyone who already has an Elite membership is enjoying it so far.  

If you love indie games, nothing beats the $99/year Annual Membership deal!