Ethereon is a gorgeous Myst-Style adventure where you travel deep into a mysterious world full of logic-based puzzles and beautiful underwater sea creatures.

Although Ethereon works perfectly well on a standard screen, it’s been designed from the ground up to work with VR to offer a fully immersive experience that really transports you to another world.  The puzzles are well thought out and logic based, requiring you to observe and experiment with mysterious alien artefacts that often have dramatic effects in this strange world.

One of the devs was part of the team that brought us Riven and you can really tell.  It’s a wonderful zen-like experience as you explore the strange alien world, full of beautiful scenery and fantastic creatures.  A great test of grey matter and a beautiful feast for the eyes.

Check out the Kickstarter & Play the Alpha (Win & Linux, Standard Screen & Oculus Rift)