ALPHA 24 (Hammerhead) RELEASED!

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  • There’s now a pre-flight “campaign” menu which lets you manage your loadout on the carrier deck, and see your mission target(s)
  • The mission targets get reticles to make it more clear what you need to destroy to clear the island
  • There’s also an arrow and reticle leading you back to the carrier
  • Your mission targets are more varied now, and you will sometimes have multiple ones


  • You can now create and use custom aeros!
  • You must enable them first in the options menu (this also enables / disables custom skins)
  • The tools and documentation are not quite ready yet, but those will be released separately from the game later
  • For simplicity and balance sake, all custom aeros have the same stats as the Rogue
  • The example aero is the “Starr Wolf”, courtesy of Starr Mazer!


  • The weapon select diamond is now a set of hexagons which are much less obstructive
  • The HUD has been rearranged and redesigned a bit to show more useful info and decrease clutter
  • The angle of the weapon models shown on the HUD and in weapon select is now consistent with the angle you see in the aerolab, to make them easier to identify
  • Unguided weapons now have a second, semi-transparent “near” reticle to make the predicted path of the projectile more clear, particularly at close range
  • When using bombs, the camera will focus on the bombsight, not your flight path. You can disble this by unchecking “Bomb Camera” in Options.


  • You will automatically target something you’re looking at if your existing target is nearly or entirely off-screen. This doesn’t happen while tracking a target. If you don’t like this, you can disable by unchecking “Auto Target” in Options.
  • The tutorial is no longer optional, and has been renamed “Mission 0” to make it less tutorial-sounding. Don’t worry, it’s short
  • Acceleration increased by 0.5 on all non-swingwing aeros
  • Renamed LRSAM to SAM-LR to avoid confusion
  • Reduced DRONE gun accuracy and fire rate, reduced AAA accuracy


  • Fixed crash bug when landing
  • Upgraded engine to Unity 5
  • Upgraded InControl to 1.5.4
  • Co-op problems with throttle shouldn’t happen anymore… please email us if that’s not the case
  • Minor performance boost across the board, thanks to reduction in memory allocations and some FX object pooling