Hey gamers! We here at IndieGameStand are happy to present our new release, Nyctophobia!

Fight the fright, find the light as you wander through the dark unforgiving woods with chilling surprises. Nyctophobia (Fear of Darkness) is a 3D game that is visually compelling and fun to play. It immerses you in darkness and gives you the chance to fight your fear. One night, as you’re driving alone along a dirt road in your pick up truck, you take a wrong turn down the dark depths of the mysterious Lakeview Woods. Your darkest fears come alive. You move slowly across unfamiliar terrain, but the gameplay is tense as the player must collect battery packs to keep his flashlight lit or else be swallowed by the darkness. There are key items the player must collect that serve a purpose toward reaching the ultimate goal of bringing back the light. Nyctophobia offers a fresh experience to players time and time again. Its map is expansive with numerous different environments to explore and challenges to overcome. Can you defeat the darkness?

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