Hey there! We here at IndieGameStand are excited to present our new release, Heart of Ember Chapter 1! Check out this RPG for under $5- nice graphics, cool story, and fun gameplay!

The kingdom of Ember is in need of heroes. The immortal Titans are coming back and they seek to enslave humanity once again. Join Kara and Paul as they overcome all adversaries and save the things that truly matters.

Heart of Ember is a simple turn based RPG with a simple story. It is set within a beautiful hand painted 3D world. It is going to be released by episodes since its being created by a single developer. The first chapter has already been finished.

On a personal note, very little marketing has been done for this game. The reason behind this is that I’m a single developer who is going/paying my way through college. Between developing games, waiting on tables, and creating video games, I didn’t have time to let people know about my projects. I do thank you for considering my work. If you can give it a try I would really appreciate it.

Buy it at IndieGameStand https://indiegamestand.com/store/1635/heart-of-ember-chapter-1/

Available on Windows