IndieGameStand is happy to present our new release, Big Journey to Home!

In the game you have to stay in the role of a simple village boy, caught in difficult dangerous situation, and even away from home. Someone wants to use it for personal enrichment, others to settle accounts with old foes, and some only want you to eat. But you were not born yesterday, right?

Key features:
-Interesting turn-based gameplay with RPG elements
-Great multibranched storyline (in development)
-12 singleplayer levels divided into four locations
-4 co-op levels on different systems (currently avaliable only for Windows)
-Adapted GamePad support for all devices
-A level editor to create your own great puzzles (currently avaliable only for Windows)
-Various online editors, such as level download and publishing, cloud saves and achievements (currently not avaliable on Linux)
-Availability of the game on small smarthpones and big tablets

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