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Scott in Space is a skill based 2D action platformer. Players experience the story about a guina pig named Scott within a freely explorable game universe. Mysterious quests and hidden items await. Humor awaits, too. Or does it?

While the easier difficulty modes satisfy beginners and casual players, the hard and the evil difficutly mode confidently challenge hardcore players.

Scott in Space is the debut indie title developed by Ragiva Games. The design team of this game is a group of three indie devs with experience from the games industry who decided to go their own way.


• Skill based platformer
• Quests within a freely explorable game world
• Randomly spawning items and enemies
• Over 50 levels on 7 planets
• Cartoony Sci fi universe
• Orchestral soundtrack
• Dialogues without any humor at all. Seriously.
• Flying rhinos and Kung Fu Squirrels

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