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Desktop Dungeons is a ten-minute “dungeon crawl” adventure that distills the roguelike genre to its most basic components, turning it into a single-screen puzzle adventure comparable to the likes of Oasis and Tower of the Sorcerer. Using absolutely every resource at their disposal, players need to balance dungeon exploration and treasure looting against frequent combat and divine requests.

The scarcity of resources promotes innovation and broad playing styles no matter which character you pick. Wizards can club enemies, rogues occasionally have to soak damage and even the most stalwart warrior will need to pick up the odd spell glyph. The level 10 boss at the end of every dungeon run also provides players with enough of a challenge to make them fight tooth and nail for victory.

The game features an extensive unlock hierarchy which gives players access to a wide variety of character classes, races and challenge dungeons. Layers of emergent complexity and gameplay tricks afford veterans an edge in the more grueling scenarios and reward thoughtful play. For the truly ambitious, score-based “ranked” runs and an online leaderboard are also available.