IndieGameStand is happy to present a new release, Dead Acres!

Dead Acres is a survival farming game about a fool trying to build a successful farm in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You get to play as that fool. Each night zombies will swarm your farm and will have to make use of an assortment of weapons and defenses to survive and keep your farm and livestock in one piece. Other survivors are depending on you for food for their survival!


FARMING -Fast-paced farming action! Use your crops to earn money to build up your defenses. Use what you harvest to ward off hunger and keep yourself healthy enough to defend your farm.

CRAFTING – Build more advanced farm defenses by crafting with materials that you gather and purchase!

ANIMALS- Protect them to avoid adding to the undead army’s numbers!

ENEMIES -Numerous zombie types! Take on the gigantic titan zombies! Human enemies! Bandits and rival farmers will try to take what’s yours!


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