Check out IndieGameStand’s new release, RGBVerse!

RGBverse is a constant roller platform arcade with beautiful 3d graphics, non-stop action and captivating music that will hook you within minutes and is bound to sharpen your reflexes.

You control a spherical, photonic entity from an alien universe. Your mission: explore other universes and overcome everything that wants to prevent you from reaching your goal: the NanoGates, powerful teleporting portals.

You can switch between the three basic colors: Red, Green and Blue. By switching colors you match your lightwave harmonic emmisions to each enemy’s and obstacle’s color, making it possible to pass by.

Use your skill to get through the multitude of traps and enemies that are waiting for you.

Don’t fall down!

You will encounter things like…

Colored energy platforms and rings
Robotic enemies coming after you
Various weapons shooting at you
Intense non-stop action
4 different game speed settings
Boss fight
9 story mode stages
30 thrilling challenge stages
Non-linear gameplay

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