Check out IndieGameStand’s new release, Stage Presence!

Stage Presence is a microphone-based music festival and angry mob simulator.

Stage Presence puts you and your band on stage at a music festival. Your bands equipment fails and you have to use the only working microphone on stage to keep the hostile crowd entertained.

*Microphone based gameplay: sing, rant and gibber to win!
Guitar heroes; use USB or mic up your guitar amplifier and play your best riffs to win!
*Desktop and VR ready; play on a flat screen or feel like you’re really on stage in VR!
*Multiple game modes;
– In Story mode score as many points as you can before your band fixes their equipment.
– In Survival mode keep the crowd happy for as long as you can. If the crowd turn against you, your band will be thrown off the stage.
– In Karaoke mode play for as long as you want. Turn off the difficulty to keep the crowd permanently happy and massage your fragile ego.
*Face a fickle crowd; the audience cheer you, light fireworks and crowd surf when you entertain them. But beware, they have insults, laser pens and bottles filled with bodily fluids ready for when you bore them.

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