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Key Features
– Solve environmental puzzles under pressure. Figure out how to use the tools, traps, and weapons in each level to clear all the Grays.
– Nearly 100 hand-crafted levels with multiple difficulty levels ranging between casual and hardcore, developed end to end by two experienced adventure level designers.
– Complete bonus objectives for higher scores and gold markers.
– Follow the story of Darrell and Mary as they try to save their family from a new and unexpected threat through in-game storytelling and painted-style cutscenes.
– Guide different members of the Williams family through branching story paths that result in one of several endings. – – Depending on your actions, the story may end very poorly, happily, or anywhere in between.
– Music and sound by composer Pablo Vega provides a chilling atmosphere for players to experience.
– Included level editor: The same editor used to make the main adventure will let you make your own levels, cutscenes, or even entire adventures.
– Local 2-player co-op. Using two gamepads, two players on the keyboard, or any combination of the above.

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Available on Mac, Windows, Linux