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A sequel to Incitement and Incitement 2, both of which are free to play.
Game Length ~ 7-10 hours
An immersive sci-fi world with a variety of locations to explore
Side-view battles with fully animated battlers
11 playable characters: 7 in the main party and 4 episodic
2 difficulty modes: Normal and Challenging. Normal is for those seeking a casual experience, whereas Challenging is for the thrills and kills.
Highly customizable equip setup, allowing the use of add-ons on top of standard weapons and armour.
Use Weapon Add-Ons to customize an offensive bonus on a character.
Use Body Add-Ons to customize a defensive bonus on a character.
Use Head Add-Ons to customize which attribute will gain a bonus upon level ups.
Some abilities require unique ammo, providing a deeper and more interesting ammo management experience.

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