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Arcana Kira is an epic action role playing game with innovative 3rd person platforming gameplay, memorable characters, and a modern aesthetic. You play as the enigmatic Arcana Kira, a space assassin chasing a bounty that will make her rich enough to retire in luxury. But such bounties are hard to secure, especially on a huge alien world and across multiple trans-dimensional boundaries while fighting hoards of elemental beasts and bosses.

If you love RPGs fused with other genres, beautiful sci-fi art, delicate handcrafted music, insane bosses, subtle dark humor and total sci-fi nerdom… Arcana Kira is for you!

NOTE: Arcana Kira is an already greenlit game in ALPHA development, and as of July 28, 2015 stands at 55% implemented. Steam keys will be provided once the game enters BETA phase.

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