Another hilarious featured game, The Real Texas!

“These days, folks have a lot of funny ideas about what makes a Real Cowboy…”

Sam, an ordinary Texas rancher, is on holiday in England when he steps through a blue portal and into a purgatory dimension, Strange:

Here, a friendly witch is handing out guns to visitors. A crazed, German-speaking wizard hurls elecbolts from his castle. The town mechanic has a plan that can’t possibly work. Upriver, something involving a lot of chickens is happening.

Various things are roaming the countryside. More variouser things lurk in the Garbadge Mine across the river.

Stuck in the middle sits Sam, who is a Real Cowboy. But that’s just his job title back home– it’s not obvious that it’s of any practical help here.

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Available for Windows, mac, Linux