Ben, 12 year old, comes home after school to school. Because of its poor performance in school, his mom locks him for the rest of the day in his room. / Ben, adolescent de 12 ans, rentre chez lui après ses cours d’école. Vu ses résultats déplorables à l’école, sa maman l’enferme pour le restant de la journée dans sa chambre.
Hours later, when everything is quiet in the house, an intruder breaks into the house and kidnapped his mother and little brother. / Quelques heures plus tard, alors que tout est calme dans la maison, un intrus s’introduit dans la maison, et kidnappe sa maman et son petit frère.
Locked in his room, Ben can not help them. / Enfermé dans sa chambre, Ben n’arrive pas à les secourir.
What to do ? Call the police? Call his dad? / Que faire ? Appeler la police ? Appeler son père ?
Adventurous and full of courage, he decided to find and discover the cause of their kidnapping. / Téméraire et plein de courage, il décide de les chercher seul et découvrir la cause de l’enlèvement.
Help Ben to find his missing family and discover with him the reason for the kidnapping in a captivating adventure. / Aidez Ben à retrouver sa famille et découvrez avec lui la raison de l’enlèvement dans une aventure captivante.
For $ 5, you reserve the short and digital version of the game, available late October 2016. A DVD version contains additional 8 locations, more puzzles and about 3 hours of additional adventures is available in preorder on my website A download link will aslo be provided for the long version in addition to DVD. You can also pre-order the DVD game or various goodies. Promo price until end of October.The game’s release and delivery of goodies is guaranteed. Version with spanish subtitles available for Christmas 2016. Please send me a mail on [email protected] if you buy the spanish version.
The Windows, Mac and linux file on indiegamestand is a demo version (alpha). If you preorder the game here for 5$ , the digital short version will be delivered late october 2016. For other version ,  please visit
Full version , Goodies , DVD and special version available in preorders on

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