Get stars. Avoid monsters. This is a RNG dream. This is everything!
Delivering us:

Endless arcade action
HD graphics
Gamepad support
Sweet powerups
No devils in the house

Are you trying to keep your faith… but you’re looking for more?
“a joy to behold… It’s really rather wonderful”
– Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“If Zach Morris could play games on his giant cell phone, ULB would be his go-to”
– Scott Brodie
“this shit is LIT”
– Ethan Redd
“Sometimes I just want to feel good, y’know?”
– Rob Fearon
If you’re a member of the press, or a YouTuber, or a blogger, or just somebody who wants to post about this game on Facebook or something and you’d like a free copy of the game, please request one here and I’ll hook you up!
Any other questions/feedback/threats/insults/jokes/missives, email me at [email protected]

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