Only here on Indiegamestand you can get the DRM free version of the The Rebel! Which means: It’s not mandatory for you to have the Steam client installed, nor any other software. Just order today and play the exe file right away!
(The game is in Early Access stage of development by the way – Steam require us to mention this whenever we attempt to sell on other platforms).
In The Rebel you’ll find 
* Mega jumps that defy gravity: easily navigate and have fun by doing mega  jumps to escape enemies.
* 6 weapons to choose from, including: Plasma rifle, knife, shotgun.
* Breathe taking indoor graphics of space stations, coridors and semi-realistic looking forests and buildings. 
This and much more in 3 levels, all for just $2 only hee on Indiegamestand. Take the deal and get the upcoming sequel of The Rebel in December for FREE. 

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