An arcade shoot-em-up with a twist…
You only have one button which turns your ship and fires your guns at the same time.
It’s simple, fast, challenging and annoyingly addictive.
How many alien badbutts can you take out before you become stardust?

Save the world with just one button.
Fail instantly. Retry even instantly-er.
Upgrade your lasers and hyperdrive into oblivion.
8-bit pixel art & beautiful border illustration by Paul Duffield.
Crunchy sounds and music.
Palette swap to please your eyeballs.
Silly random name generator.
Online leaderboards, achievements and stats (Steam and Google Play versions only).

IndieGameStand version features

Standalone DRM-free versions for all platforms.
Ad-free Android BETA version with all PLUS+ features unlocked (lifetime stats and palette swap).
Includes a free Steam key.

Press any button to SHOOT.
Press any button to SWITCH direction.
(yes, they are both tied to the same any button…)


Current version: 1.018th October 2016
Current Android version: 0.18.0 (BETA)19th May 2016

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