SpaceTrap is a twin stick shooter with a twist your ships thrusters are destroyed, forcing you to use the recoil from the left and right cannons to produce some astounding maneuvers, all at the same time holding off waves of various enemy’s and bosses with their own unique level of AI. Avoiding asteroids, gravity anomalies and gather ship upgrades to give you the edge bonuses that allow you to clear large section of the screen very quickly. The left and right cannon and the corresponding sides of the ship have been color coded to make gaining your orientation easier and to allow the play to identify what direction the recoil is pushing your ship.

Control each gun/thruster individually. Allowing you unprecedented maneuverability.
Online Leader board to compare your scores with others around the world.
Clever Enemy A.I to keep the player guessing.
Upgrades can be found in game and stacked to give you the edge against your enemies.
Progressive combat and random generation of environmental elements ensure a new experience every time.
Gamepad HIGHLY recommended

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