The game has been in development for some(4) months, v0.16
Focus is horror and has a mission in adventure style is about 40% ready
The plot (may not be final)
The government has contacted you for a very sensitive job
48 BIO DNA cubes out of 100 are still intact and transmitting, the rest is unknown what damage it might have done to all living in the area
Your skills will be needed to recover last 48 BIO DNA cubes that has been lost since city with surrounding areas has been closed
You arrive with a helicopter and realize nothing is as you thought it to be, find the manhole and let the mission begin, GOOD LUCK!
WASD, mouse, space – jump, F – flashlight, I – inventory, esc – menu, left-shift – run, left mouse button interact (pickup / open) C – crouch
Minimum requirements:

Graphics* – Intel HD4000, Nvidia GeForce 710, ATI Radeon HD 6450 
Mac – 4MB RAM, OSX 10.8
PC – 4MB RAM, Windows 7 

* requirements for graphics may change however this is the aim.

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