Rogue Contracts – Syndicate is a jump-out-of-your-seat action game with a gripping back story. Set in the near future, you will be playing as Rogue, a formidable private military contractor hired to neutralize an entire advanced crime syndicate. This is a fast-paced, kill ‘em all game, so be ready to fight enemies with your sword, shurikens, guns, and even your bare hands! Rogue Contracts’ exhilarating soundtrack and visual arts provide the landscape for a challenging supercharged game!
Key Features

Single-player campaign.
Smarter, faster, more responsive agents that will constantly test your combat/strategy skills.
3 bosses, 16 progressively challenging levels.
Exhilarating action soundtrack to enhance your game play.
Random agent type assignment so the levels play differently at every re-start.
Includes a levels section unlock after completing the game. Try to beat your best level score and time.
2 levels of difficulty – normal mode / hard mode.

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