Someting about the game:your main goal is to complete the puzzle shown at the beginning of the level, within a given amount of time, the timer willdisplay how much time you have to complete the level, as you go further in game the puzzles will be more and more difficultand the time will be lesser and lesser. When you complete a level you will get some points as a reward, the faster youcomplete the level the more points you will get, and so on.If you get stuck you may reset a level, clicking the reset button, this will restart the current level but you will keepthe score you earned so far, also if you quit the game or return to the title screen your game will be autosaved, soto resume the game just press the resume game button on the title screen, and you will resume the game from the pointyou left it.However if you start a new game from the title screen you will loose all your points and game progress, so use this button only if you wantto start a completely new game.
System requirements:Os: Windows Xp, 7 or betterScreen resolution: 1024×768 minimum (full screen or windowed) or better.Lesser resolutions like 800×600 may work but are not supported.Video card: Nvidia or Ati with at least 128 or 256 mb ram or equivalent should work

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