A giant alien ship heading towards the earth! Take control over the robot, go inside the ship and destroy biggest threat Earth faced so far… Also You can bring your friend with you 🙂
Mechanical Guardians: Arcade game with randomly generated levels for one and two players. Game is inspired by an old indie game called “Hero Core”.
Genre: Arcade, Platform: Windows, Language: English
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Full game (FREE): 1 player mod 2 players mod User manual (PDF) DVD cover (PDF) 2 wallpapers Download free version on http://gamejolt.com/games/mechanical-guardians/121067
Full game (SUPPORTER EDITION): Free version + Customization mod Customization mod: 13 new robot costumes added, Game trainer build into the game.
Features: Randomly generated levels, Fast action with large number of weapons, Customization mod, Lots of robot models to choose from, One and two player mode, GameJolt online hi-score GAME SOUNDTRACK: http://gamejolt.com/games/mechanical-guardians-demo/121067

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