Imagine a world 300 years in the future where technology is at it’s highest with the worlds first ever teleportation device almost complete. Imagine a world where, you, work for the worlds largest technology empire working on it. Well that world is, Cross Realms.

You’re put in the shoes of the young man named Bryson, a worker at Admirom Technology. When testing for the worlds first teleportation device is going on, something horrible happens. The teleportation device breaks, and instead of teleporting people (and creatures) across the globe, it teleports them in to an alternate realms.

Your mission is to stop the evil from the other realms from destroying the human race, and the evil people that caused this to happen in the first place.

The world is in your hands.

Updates will be released at least once per week! Make sure to check back for the latest update!

Have any questions or bug reports? Email me at:
[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: This game is still in Alpha stages. Graphics, music, story ect. are subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing this product, you agree that you will NOT distribute “Cross Realms” regardless of edits you make, in any way shape or form. Thank you.

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