Palisade Runner:Colony First Alpha
Palisade Runner is the alpha of the game Colony First. It is a short science fiction story with tower defense as a backbone. You have been left behind in the nightly evacuations, you don’t have that many options left. You have to face the zombie hordes alone with nothing but a freeze gun and whatever they’re authorized to build. You have, however, been promised a costly rescue, but you have to come up with the funds before the horde becomes too much. Can you survive until rescue arrives?
-Build An Ever Expanding Base

-Defend Against The Enemy Hordes

-Survive Against all odds!

-Build however you want!

Colony First?
That’s right! Palisade Runner is an older game I’ve never done anything with. Now with losing time and funds and seeing as it’s the only thing I have, I’ve decided to try and turn it into a better, more fleshed out game and rename it to Colony First. That includes giving it a story, better graphics, and other features that will completely change the game. To do that I need funding to continue developing and paying for art. Fortunately, not all art needs to be paid for, (hopefully). A new version will be out early Spring 2017 with new building graphics. What happens next with the game is up to you! Help me improve the graphics of the game by purchasing a copy or two! Here’s a couple screenshots of the updated buildings. Hopefully with funding the enemies will look better too! Thank you for chosing to support Colony First!

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