Bugspeed Collider is a single-and-local-multiplayer fighting game featuring super-powered beetles. Fight with or against your fellow bugs in numerous modes across nine fully-destructible worlds.

Innovative combat featuring unlimited flight, fireballs, and backflips.
Diverse move set is easy to pick up, but enables deep learning with varying combat styles.
Every mode can be played single-player or with up to 4 local players or bots.
150+ levels across cooperative and competitive modes.
Fully-Destructible Environments make every fight play out differently.
Many Ways to Play: Single, Multi, Arena, Endurance, Party, Versus, Rule Modifiers, Etc.
Party Mode makes it easy to hop in and out of the game.
Defeat Boss Bugs and add them to your roster.
Controller-optimized, Keyboard-friendly.

Please note that this game is still in beta. We’re looking for more feedback as we put the finishinbg touches on. Follow @Skelefactor for updates.

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