Bride of the Nile is a Novel that is presented in Visual Novel style. It’s a historical fiction based on Medieval Egypt and Middle East. It doesn’t have any choices or gameplay, it is an immersive novel to enjoy.
It’s an adventure of noble warriors at the time of tyranny and slavery. A love story during brutal war times.
The story is deep, with plot twists and based on historical true events, with different themes. You will go through historical battles between pharaohs, Persians, Arabs and Byzantines. You will enjoy with our characters like a Byzantine noble fighting to save the girl he loves, an Egyptian girl escaping from an oppressive military rule, a noble warrior that goes above the standard of his time….
A game called ‘War & Romance’ is being created based on this novel, you can check it on steam greenlight, or indiegogo when the crowd funding campaign goes live which is shceduled to be soon.

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