An explosive combination of mining sim and city builder. Your dream of building your own thriving town starts with few explosive charges and a yellow truck. As you mine the landscape and the money starts to roll and you’ll be able to expand your empire, buying buildings, shops and facilities. Soon people will be rushing to set up camp in your fledgling town. Then the real challenge begins. . .
An in depth array of tools, graphs and stats are available for you to maximize your town planning strategy. Keeping the townsfolk happy is essentials, happy citizens spend in your shops and build ever larger and grander houses turning your once small town into huge metropolises.
Dirt, crime, illness and power outages are just some of the problems you’ll encounter as your town grows forcing you to make toughdecisions. Bulldozing settlements to build a prison is sometimes for the greater good. As space becomes a premium, using explosives to deforest the landscpae just make good business sense. With procedurally generated landscapes, loads of upgrades, loads of upgrades, buildings and the gold market to negotiate every game of Boomtown is a unique test of your strategic skill.
Test your skills over 5 varied scenarious each one requiring a different approach to maximize your population and each wirh a unque set of rewards and complexities that need to be mastered for you to become a true mogul.

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