The art of the sword is death by one stroke. The art of stealth is proximity with the unaware. In Blind Blades, players must master both. No special button combinations. No life bars. Just player against player. Skill against skill. Winner take all.  A brief explanation:  Hunt your friends by hiding in plain sight. Choose to be either a white warrior or a black warrior. Since the levels are black and white, your warrior will disappear into their matching background color. You have an additional color indicator to help differentiate you (blue, red, green, or yellow), but these different colors will still disappear into your background color. Once per round, you can use a flashbang to temporarily turn the entire screen your warrior color, hiding you and potentially revealing your opponent. Hint, timing and strategy are critical in using the flashbang. When you kill your friend, the red streak reveals you and your vanquished opponent. Be the last player alive to win a round. The first player or team to win three rounds wins the match!  °Supports two to four local players  °Death match or team battles  °Five interactive environments  °Winner “Most Innovative” Game-A-Con 2015

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