In Back to Bed you have to guide the sleepwalker Bob from his sleep inducing office to thesafety of his bed by controlling his subconscious guardian Subob, whose job it is to bothguide and protect the sleepwalking Bob.The pair will travel through a surreal and painting like world where the boundaries betweenBob’s dream and reality have vanished, but where there are still real world dangers thatthreaten the sleepwalker. Ever vigilant Subob must now guide Bob around dangers and backto bed.

Unique surreal and artistic game universe: A dream universe that mixes elementsfrom the real world and the dream world to create something unique.
Isometric puzzle levels: Navigate detailed 3D levels and use elements of the level tocreate a safe path and avoid dangers.
Two characters as one: Play as the embodied subconscious trying to save its ownsleeping body by getting it to the safety of the bed.
Picturesque visual style: Discover the feeling of playing in a painting inspired bysurreal art and impossible shapes

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