The Life and Madness of a Hero gone to Villain

Welcome to the world of John Calvin, a CIA operative who had to defend the country against a serious enemy threat. Join John as he starts to use his skills in order to become one of the world’s top villains. Embrace unique situations and face heart-wrenching decisions that will help him evolve as you play!
Art of Stealth is a game that’s all about using proper tactics and skills in order to take down your enemies. Harness the power of stealth, find cover and unravel new ways to eliminate your enemies on the spot!
One of the major points in Art of Stealth is that you need to use John’s stealth abilities and put them to good use as you try to eliminate your enemies. You will be able to stick to the cover of darkness as you steal uniforms, perform stealth kills and get one step closer to your target.

Use special takedowns to eliminate each enemy

Use Commando Knife, Pistol, Shotgun, MP5, AK47, M16, Sniper, Katana Sword, Bow and other weapons…


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