FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER MEETS BASEBUILDING Alpha Decay is a teambased Realtime Strategy Multiplayer Shooter, where your goal is to destroy the enemies base while you defend and build up your own. Combine the resourcemanagement and basebuilding mechanics of Realtime Strategy games with the action of modern shooters and the result is Alpha Decay. Each team has a core that needs to be defended. You need to team up and gather resources to further build up the base. Different types of buildings allow different strategies, like forging powerful guns for your team or attacking the opponent with airstrikes. Besides battling against other players, you also fight the ongoing radioactive decay that is slowly devouring your core. Once your core reaches a certain level of decay it will explode and take your entire base with it.
Core features

4vs4 online multiplayer shooter
Play alone or with your friends against the AI
Procedurally generated levels
Teambased gameplay – You and your teammates need to build up the base cooperatively!
Gather and manage resources
Fight against the decay as well as other player
Thousands of different building and weapon combinations
Upgrade your guns and character
Day and night cycle with dynamic weather system
Get new weapons through boosters

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