We are happy to announce and welcome Konstantinos Dimopoulos to the IndieGameStand Team.  You may know Konstantinos better as Gnome from his blog Gnome’s Lair.


Konstantinos has been heavily involved in the indie gaming and freeware scene for years.  He continues to contribute and write for IndieGames.com, Warp Door and is responsible for the Freeware Garden over at Rock Paper Shotgun. He also worked for Bundle In A Box, and is working as a game designer and writer for Kyttaro Games and tweets (@gnomeslair) and covers games on a variety of other small sites including his own site Gnome’s Lair which we mentioned above.

Think of Konstantinos as IndieGameStand’s very own game scout.  He’ll be finding the best freeware games for our new free games section and will also be helping us recruit developers for our PWYW deals and store. He is also now officially the sole member of our European division.

You can continue to get in touch with Konstantinos through everything he links to on Gnome’s Lair but if you have a specific IndieGameStand thing to talk to him about – you can reach him at: konstantinos at indiegamestand dot com