Firstly, the title of this article is slightly disingenuous. Anybody who plays indie games knows that when an indie game’s creator says their game will be released in a certain year… well, it’s often not as simple as that. Indie games are notorious for late releases. This is because the creators and developers of an indie game are not accountable to a larger company most of the time, so they march to the beat of their own drum. These games below, hopefully will be released this year, but do not count on it. Super frustrating, I know!

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I cannot adequately explain how excited I am for this release. The style of this game will take you back 1930s cartoon style animation. Cuphead and his friend Mugman had made a deal with the devil, and subsequently lost. As a result they have to do the devil’s bidding in order to repay the debt. You need to complete a number of boss battles to progress through the game. Cool things about this game include that you have infinite lives, and that you retain your weapons between battles. There is also the added choice for a second player, who will play as Mugman –so you can enjoy this game alone or with a friend! The animation looks fantastic from what we can see thus far, and hopefully the gameplay will be on the same level!

Due Process

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a fan of FPS games. So my excitement regarding Due Process should not be taken lightly. The difference between most FPS games and Due Process is that here, in this multiplayer game, you and your team get time to strategize before you attack. Of course the other team gets to strategize too. One team must defend the area, while the other is tasked with infiltrating it. The planning is essential (you get the building plans and can draw on the map!) and it comes down to who has the better plan, and the capabilities to execute it successfully. The graphics are not great; kind of a clunky and a boxy aesthetic that is not to my personal taste. But the graphics do not need to be out of this world for this type of game where the emphasis is on the planning of the gameplay.