report this gameToday we have added our “Report this Game” feature for our community.  It’s pretty self explanatory but I’ll talk about some of the details since it’s a good tool for alerting game developers that something is wrong with their game listing on IndieGameStand. Any logged in user can use this feature.  Clicking the button will bring up a dialog confirming that you want to send a report.  After you click OK, you will have the opportunity to type in a short comment or reason for reporting the game.  Here are some examples of problems that you may want to report:

  • The game files are not up to date
  • There are no game files or way to play this game
  • The Mac Setup file is not working on my machine
  • There is inappropriate content on your game page
  • Your description isn’t formatted correctly
  • Your game is on Steam and you have not uploaded Steam keys to IGS
  • etc

We will be monitoring and aggregating all of your reports (so if there’s a major problem the game should stand out for us) so that we can step in when necessary, but this tool is also a way for users to alert developers directly.  Every time you create a report, your report and comment will be sent to the developer of the game. This is a way for users to be in more direct contact with developers without giving out anyone’s email addresses (those remain private). Anyways, I hope that users will use this tool when there are problems that indie developers can fix.  If you have a problem with an order, our site, or something else, you should still use our Help Desk.webs