We’re still toiling away at a lot of little website tweaks, fixes and changes in preparation for everything we have planned for 2015.  Please let us know if you run into any bugs or have any great ideas for our site at http://support.indiegamestand.com/.  I had a few moments and thought it would be helpful to document some of the developer backend updates that occurred this week:

1. Developer Widget


The developer widget is officially available to all developers to embed on their website.  We have added a separate report for Widget sales (even though widget and store sales are summed together for payouts and your current balance) and you can add a notification email to your studio profile if you want to receive an email notification every time you sell a game through the widget.  Everything seems to be working, but it would be great to have some more developers using it and testing it out so we can find any remaining bugs and make sure all of the reporting and data is registering correctly.  Developers should have full control over their game with our developer portal and widget.  You can change your price, add steam keys retroactively, send secure IGS keys to press, and even put your game up for sales – everything will be reflected in your sales widget.  Another thing is that you don’t have to sell your game in our store to use our widget.  

2. Sales Dashboard

We have improved the speed and layout of the developer portal by removing the charts of the last 7 days for each game:


Reporting is improving as well thanks to Google Charts API – under the Payout History tab (we’ll be renaming that to Sales Dashboard with the next update) you can select a game and view daily stats for the last 30 days and another chart for lifetime monthly stats:


As folks start using the developer widget and getting more data, I hope to include Widget statistics on these charts as well and hopefully even provide a cool donut graph showing off your total sales via the store or widget/your site.

3. New Ribbon Flags

Another minor developer update is we have flags for DLC products and preorders so you can select this as your type of game (along with Alpha, Beta, Release, or Demo) and the graphic will be shown on your widget and the store listing.

More is on the way, but I have to get back to it for now…