We recently finished up a brand new Kickstarter (or any crowdfunding platform really) that allows developers to easily unlock their game from a list of email addresses.  This is the final piece of the puzzle IMO to really utilize our platform to handle the distribution of your indie game (for free) and ongoing updates and communication with your backers.

Our new Crowdfunding Tool:


This is our new tool that lets you paste in a list of backer emails and unlock your game for all of them.  It’s pretty simple to use, you just select your game from the dropdown list (the game / product has to already be created in our portal to appear) and then you paste in your backer emails that you export from kickstarter and click submit.  The tool validates emails and will tell you how many emails were valid and games were successfully gifted (i.e. 28 of 40 Emails sent).  Every email that you upload will receive a receipt notifying them that they can download your game:


If they don’t have an account with IndieGameStand yet, they will receive an email with further instructions:

“Dear Backer,

Welcome to IndieGameStand! Thank you for your recent purchase.

Since you do not yet appear to have an account with us, we’ve created one for you. With your account, you’ll be able to download your game purchases from your Game Wallet from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Once you log in, we recommend you change your username and password. Happy gaming!”

This new tool makes it really easy to get all of your customers in one place so that you can take advantage of our next tool…

The Marketing Tab:


Our Marketing Tab unlocks for a game once you have over 25 owners and allows you to keep everyone informed about game file updates and other promotional type emails.  Once you import your backers, you can use these system to email them about future releases, new game file uploads, or any important Kickstarter updates or blog posts.  These emails are queued up in our system and approved by us before being sent, but as long as you’re not spammy we generally approve them.

IndieGameStand Widget: 


During your Kickstarter or after it’s successful, you may want to continue accepting Preorders.  Like Kickstarter the IGS widget takes 5% of the net revenue.  Best part is that it would keep all of your backers from both Kickstarter and direct sales all in the same place.  You could even continue to update this list of game owners as you change the pricing of your game and take it from Preorder/Kickstarter into Alpha, Beta and finally full release.

Steam Keys:

If/when your game that started as a Kickstarter gets greenlit on steam, you can easily upload steam keys to our backend portal and all of your backers and customers on IGS will all have access to request steam keys instantly.  You can even notify them that you’ve uploaded said keys using the Marketing tab.

More Information

Those are the basics, but if you’re a game developer who has just finished up a Kickstarter or is planning to do one, please do not hesitate to contact us for any help.  Please feel free to ask any additional questions about these free tools as well. Email info[at]indiegamestand.com with subject “Kickstarter Tool”