We finally have a beta of our free games section up and will continue to develop it over the next couple weeks to stamp out any bugs etc.  I plan on blogging about things feature by feature so that everyone understands the features the new area has (and will have in the future).  The first thing I would like to explain is the main index page and filtering:

Unlike our store browse page, multiple filters on the left side can be selected so that you can browse just Action games for Windows or browse Action and Platformer games for Mac.  The filters display any game that matches your criteria and are INCLUSIVE.  If you check Windows and Mac, you’re not seeing games that are ONLY on Win and Mac – you’re seeing games that are for Windows, Mac or both. Similarly if you check Action and Adventure games, you’ll only see games marked as Action or Adventure.  Basically as you check additional genres, your search is expanding.  

We’re still tracking bugs and feedback, so if you have anything to add please visit our forum or comment below!