Virgil is a man who was decapitated, now he must wander through his own purgatory in search of his true head and perhaps eternal rest.
What started as an entry into GBJam5-2016 turned out to be something bigger. Now called Virgil’s Purgatory, the game has been rebalanced, bug fixed, contains 2 new areas, 2 new bosses, 3 new songs, new enemies, new texts, new and complete end for the game, among other details. The game now has 30 to 60 minutes of total game play.
It came on 3 versions:

Super GB English (colorful with SGB border)
Super GB PT-BR (portuguese translated)
GB Monochrome Version (Classic GB green tones)


5 bosses (one optional)
6 areas (one optional)
Upgrades powerups
6 Chiptunes
Pixel Art in 4 colors
Super GB Border
GB 160X144 Resolution
CRT filters (scanlines)