The year is 2022. The technology of virtual-reality has taken a quantum-leap, and as a result, the concept of E-sports changed drasticaly. Several countries started to arranged annual activities using the revolutionary Hi-Finesse System. However, the biggest and most anticipated competition of them all is about to take place in Vancouver, Canada. The students at Canadian Academy for Interactive Arts Development (CAIAD), will be battling against each other in a gigantic glorious virtual war utilizing all their own in-game creations.
You play as Lisbeth Dille, a player for the upcoming Virtual-Reality Game Championship (VRGC). But meanwhile, the city is struggling with a political issue that might affect her life.
NOTE: This is only a 15-20 minutes long prologue. It does not feature the championship. Since this game is our first game, thus not the best, and since it has a very untraditional design that many will propably hate, we chose to not charge for this game. It will be free to download and play.
– Visual Novel conversations with western cel-shaded visuals
– A softcore sci-fi with a realistic and achievable depiction of near- future VR
– Experimental untraditional game
– Challenging shooting segments
– Hybrid orchestral
soundtrack THF2D was among other reasons, born out of the wish for 2D indie-games that offered other visuals than the retro style. The game was developed using modern HQ cel-shading 2D visuals. The score was composed utilizing Hollywood softwares such as Vienna Strings and cutting-edge sound design packages to provide a colourful soundtrack ranging from AAA-orchestral music, electronical and some lower quality tunes. Whether we have succeeded in making a worthy product or not…… entirely up to the audience to decide.
During the black screen with text right before heading into the virtual-reality system for the first time, press RIGHT ARROW KEY to continue
when entering the combat training segment, press V and B right away to remove the difficult code-clusters challenge
when entering the combat training with staccato, press D to shoot and use the NUMPAD KEYPAD-BUTTONS (right side of most keyboards) to control staccato’s rockets