! NEW !
As updating the game would be too much of a distraction with my current projects, I thought it would be cool to let everybody participate in a big content update. You can now suggest life infos here.
Entry for the GMCJam #1
You, the player, are a purgatory Intern who has to take of all the paperwork the day after Everybody Died. By readin through each person’s personal info sheet, you must judge whether they deserve to go to Heaven or to go to Hell.
Mouse-only. Left click to drag a stamp, release to stamp a sheet. Left click to drag a sheet. Right click to zoom in on a sheet, Right click again to zoom out.
Programming and Graphics by Tselmek (@tselmek)
Music and Sounds by zminusone sound (soundcloud.com/zminusone)
End (spoiler?)
If you finished the game once and are stuck on the “You have been sent to …” screen but wish to play more, press on H for 3 seconds straight and boom it is done.