In Nongon you will explore a procedurally generated, abstract, low-poly world, searching for the 4 nongon shards to return to altars in the Cathedral. Jump, climb, and wallrun to traverse the environment and collect the nongon shards.

Procedurally generated levels
Parkour-like traversal system
Low-poly art style
Atmospheric music
Supports Keyboard & Mouse and gamepad (Primarily Xbox 360)

Unknown beings created a simulation of the Universe, dubbed only as The Simlation. The Director was created to manage the operation of The Simulation. Eventually The Simulation grew too large and collapsed. As its final action The Director froze The Simulation and created you, The Divulgant, to traverse the Nongons, the now corrupt storage volumes containing data on The Simulation. Your sole purpose to collect data on how, and why, The Simulation collapsed.
Future Content and Plans
I plan to keep adding to the game for the foreseeable future. New content, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements are in the works. I’ll try to keep posting updates at least once a month, hopefully more frequently though.

More platforms and variety within platform types
Lore – collect items that will reveal more information about the world of Nongon
Increased movement responsiveness and functionality
Working options screen with sensitivity, FOV, and other settings

System Requirements
It runs on my crappy Macbook, so just about any computer should be able to run it fine.
Change Log
Google Drive Change Log
Twitter: @indiegage
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/nongongame/
Website: indiegage.com
Created by Gage Melton
Music by Matt Slifka