Koloro, tells the story of a little girl who lost her sister. She embarks on a journey in an imaginary and poetic world in order to find her, through a contemplative puzzle/platform game.

You play Kora who embarks on a quest to find her missing sister. You will need to find the courage to overcome obstacles and face strange creatures in order to guide her through dangerous levels full of mystery.
Jump, perform wall jumps, toggle switches, request fireflies’ assistance to open doors. Control water to find new ways through the levels. Discover many new and interesting gameplay features as you make your way throughout the four worlds of the game.

You will also be able to face danger and solve the riddles with a friend as an alternative two-player shared-screen story mode is available. Players will be able to enjoy this alternative mode together especially since the level design and the story will not be the same as the single-player mode.

Koloro is the association between a colorful, fantastic and mesmerizing world and a dark, disturbing and dangerous world. The atmosphere of the game represent Kora’s hope and love but also her anxiety and fears.
Koloro is about imagination, awareness, acceptance and the difficulty of growing up.

â—� A contrasted and well-thought-out dreamlike graphic style
â—� Beautiful hand-drawn scenery with a unique original soundtrack exclusively made for the game, as well as a rich and dynamic background music
â—� Highly-developed gameplay, easy to learn, and enjoyable
â—� A well-thought-out level design including varied challenging mechanics which require both skills and reflection
â—� A scenario based on love, friendship, and imagination
â—� More than 200 unique and dangerous levels to explore in 4 differents worlds
â—� Huge and fiery boss
â—� Bonus to collect in order to unlock exclusive content such as alternative endings, artworks, new levels, and music from the original soundtrack
â—� A two-players shared-screen mode, with specifically made scenario and level design
â—� A hardcore game mode will be available at the end of your first run, specifically made for experienced players
â—� Configurate your game as you wish using the option menu
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