Zenman Empire is the greatest nation in the world. It’s located in the central region and surrounded by the bloodthirsty Martia Kingdom (formerly the Martia Tribes) in the north, the deceptively powerful Amazail Kingdom in the south, and the unpredictable House Lagidis in the west.
Each year, the vassal factions must pay a tribute with gifts, weapons, women and gold to the Zenman.
Its capital city, Zalumi, has been protected by the four most powerful noble families. Those four families are the Sutherlands, the Pantelakos, the Totens and the Rileys.
One morning, Leonardo, the only child of the Sutherlands, was nowhere to be found. The news shocked the whole nation.
People freaked out by the mysterious disappearance of Leonardo, a young nobleman with unlimited potential.
Meanwhile, in the north, Martia Kingdom has been staring at Zalumi for years. The Amazailian are also lurking around from the south.
Both of them are growing tired of being a vassal nation. They are getting tired of paying tributes to the Zenman Empire.
They have been watching Zalumi like a hawk, waiting for a chance to take action.
Sources from the Iron Eagle from Zuda Kingdom revealed that Martia and Amazail have been trying to form an alliance.
If the two indeed become allies and something happens in Zalumi, they will launch an invasion to Zenman. With their powerful forces, they should reach the capital in no time.
The once great Zenman Empire is suddenly facing two big threats from both the north and south.
The conservatives in Amazail – led by Gaer Capulet, the General Eunuch – always want to maintain the status quo.
They always want a peaceful environment for economic development. They are against wars and want to maintain good relationships with neighboring countries, especially Zenman Empire.
The Amazailian conservatives obviously want to prevent the Amazail-Martia alliance so they can prevent the war from happening. It seems that they are the only hope to stop this madness…
The stories and settings that influenced us are:

Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Middle-Earth (from Lord of the Rings)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Northern European tales and mythology

Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European medieval history

General Characteristics
✓ Jumping, lock picking, finding secret treasures (chests), solve mysteries, explore hidden caves.
✓ Scripted side-view battle system with visible opponents (no forced random encounters or invisible monsters).
More aggressive beasts are going to chase you down. The bandits obviously will approach you. Less aggressive opponents will leave you alone, unless you attack first.
✓ A more realistic spoils system that makes more sense. You won’t broke into people’s houses, open chests and take the gold away right in front of the owners.
Beasts and some monsters don’t drop gold. Why would a wolf carrying around gold? How does it carry gold anyway? 😀
In this game, they drop body parts instead. You can sell body parts for some quick cash or save it to build weapons/armors in the shops.
You won’t see any chest in a public place and people around don’t even bother to get it. You won’t see any chest in jungles, deserts.
Other types of reward are available. We’re trying to make everything a bit more realistic and get rid of some common annoyances in a typical J-RPG.
✓ The game features a flexible classes system. The game focuses on characters, every character is unique and different from each other, depends on their figure, appearance, schools, profession, orientation and career path, as well as fighting style and cultural background.
✓ Grinding is unnecessary. All you need to do to win this game is to be careful with each decision, look out for quests and secrets, managing your money wisely and using your skills, potions and items precisely.
✓ No Game Over!
Specific Gameplay Features
✓ There are tools and gadgets for exploring secrets and finding treasures.
✓ A more diverse and non-linear boulder system. You need some strength to push the boulder. You’ll need more strength to pull it.
✓ Two simple Quest systems. One for Story Quests and one for Side Quests.
✓ A more realistic Party management system.
✓ Special treasure chests that required special tokens.
✓ Grinding is unnecessary for level advancement.
✓ Simple mining system and gathers natural resources.
✓ Advance scripted jumping systems.
✓ Good replay value. Multiple endings. Multiple dialogues depend on various game progress and party member availability.
The endings will be decided by many variables, including multiple choices (like Visual Novels) and subtle triggers. For examples: When you go out of your house in the morning, who will you go to see first? Which house did you go to first?
✓ We focus on the growth of the characters, on not only levels and skills but also intelligent, maturity, confidence, mental toughness, and personality. The plots and dialogues will be managed very carefully to execute that plan.
✓ Did I mention the game will have no Game Over?
– The battle system is influenced by the Final Fantasy games.
– The onfield real-time gameplay is inspired by the Zelda games.

Basic Info and Minimum System Requirements (subject to change):
Rating: All ages Platform: PC Operating systems: Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit) Processor: 1 GHz or faster RAM: 128 MB or more Free space: 200 MB