The first chapter in the ongoing Viridescent Dragon series.

**Update, this newer build includes my new Viridea Productions Logo**

This is the newer and more definitive version of the game that I previously updated, called, “Charlit Chapter 1”.
This is my very first Visual Novel, Viridescent Dragon Chapter 1.
Download it here at Gamejolt and today!

(As this is a kinetic visual novel, it is straight-forward and you could just auto-play it like a movie if you’d like. I am considering adding choices in any future chapters/stand-alone novels.)

After waking up in a forest, meet Charlotte, the smack-talking, amnesic dragon girl who travels with her friends on a quest to regain her memories… Who is she and where did she really come from? The journey won’t be easy, as she will have to conquer many obstacles and find out the hidden truths about the world she travels through, the friends she makes, the reigning monarchs, and the deities that are worshiped…

This is the first of many humorous and drama-filled chapters to come.
Press the “A” key to Auto play the text.
This game is in 1920 x 1080 resolution, in window mode and full screen mode.
Sorry, Windows only. Unless you can find a way to play .exe files on something else.
Also, be careful, as the game can crash when you close it, as Visual Novelty, the program I used to create this game, is still in its Beta stages. Be sure to save often, just in case. This is the main reason I place this game under “Unstable”


Original Story and Character Art by me, Kassidie Butler (Viridea) 2015

Music by Audionautix and AngelHeights

SFX by

Backgrounds from Pixabay

Backgrounds edited with FotoSketcher and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy the game!

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